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Our new modular foam BRIX fit together to make a target of almost any size or configuration.  Proprietary soft PU foam construction, similar to many high end 3D targets, allows arrows to stop quickly, but pull with minimal effort.  Top, bottom, and side guide rails allow the Brix to interlock and reduce and possibility of pass throughs.  


As an individual 'BRIX' break down over time, you can turn them around and shoot the back side, or swap positions to extend the life of your target.   When it is time to fully replace a BRIX, simply order the number you need, no need to toss away a full size 48" taget becasue only the middle is blown  out.  This helps reduce the costs for periodic range maintenance and keep your range in top condition at a lower price.


3 targets fit together to hold a stadard 40cm target face.  A 3 pack ships in a convient box, which can be used as a stand alone target with mulitple target faces printed on the packaging.  


Add 16 units together to hold a 122cm Target face.  Pick the number of Brix and layout that works for your target needs.  


Optional wooden Frame kits are available to hold the BRIX together in optimum configurations.  


Call for special pricing for archery clubs looking for more than 48 units.  


individual BRIX dimensions - 6" x 24" x 14" deep


** Wooden Frame Sold Seperately

*** Price is for 1 BRIX (BLOCK) 

**** Target Packaging is included for a 3pack of Targets



BRIX- Modular target system

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